Eric Hedman

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Content Development & Creation.

Social Interaction Systems for your

21st Century

digital life.

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I'm a Game and Entertainment designer, artist, animator, director, and prototyper who's eager to integrate imaginative and innovative designs and interaction paradigms into your personal or professional projects.

I've worked on projects as diverse as the original The Sims PC and expansion packs, Movies and TV for folks like Disney, Nick and Jim Henson Co.


Content Creation for those who want to build the real appeal qualities of the world or experience before adding icing to that cake.

Decades of art, animation, design, rigging, writing and character creation all at your disposal. Design and Prorotyping for games, entertainment, and other novel forms of expression from Smoke and Mirrors game and cinema to VR.

AI visual dev work to shorten and enliven the game content creation process

Using state of the art imaging and proven design and content creation skills, we can explore further faster. Creating newer and better without the drama.

The business to bring Social out of the late 90s and Early 2000s

Currently building new Unity and Unreal Worlds and populating a new set of social systems that will revolutionalize how users interact through avatars and with NPCs.

Services Offered

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Fee for Service

Freelance Design, Animation, Gameplay Content Prototyping.

Especially good at designing Content for people to want to see again and again.

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Project Work

Let's unclog your pipeline, production, development, and serious problems with getting work done and in to your projects.

Let's work through your problems with tasking, acceptance criteria and triage in the Agile dev process, or delve into how to sctructure your design and content plans to best connect with Artists, Animators, Designers, Devs and Producers.

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Social Systems Development

Coming Soon. Come along for the ride, bring money.

please check out the images

Mr. B is referring to in my

artstation link below.

Studio Head

-Luc Barthelet - Maxis/Sims GM- on responding to the prepro backyard living and bedroom concept progress images and the greater ehedman flickr account images.

"This set of images — for the context enlightenment —, along with some other of equal importance, comes from Eric Hedman's personal website; Even if the name doesn't flag us a sign of resemblance at first, that man was the key element when it comes to giving to the Sims' universe the clever and exquisite material aesthetics that we know so well, as we notice thru the repertory of

hundredssssssssssssssss of concept arts he's personally composed for the elements of almost all the expansion packs, it seems... ah, and the base game, too. It's also mentioned there in the 100th day trivia easter egg thingey that he was the mastermind behind the game's animations, to the point that even those almost-photorealistic-captured-by-movement recordings seemed amateur next to the ones he manually engineered!

Ah!, if you wanna check yourself the complete bunches of concepty media Mr. Hedman has published (not solely Sims stuff, it is worthy mentioning), pop your popcorns, straighten your duvet and start your researching from HERE — Thanks again!"


Creative Lead

  • Todd Reamon Creative Director

Eric brought his trademark personality to our social media products, (as he did previously when we worked together on the Sims), the real character of the products came alive as he instilled them with humor and delight. An animator's animator, Eric leads by spirited example, the team thrived once he came aboard. Comfortable supporting or leading any creative effort, from user experience design to the nuts and bolts of the 3D implementation, Eric (and his team) was always dependable with an array of exciting visual solutions. An artistic powerhouse, he delivers inspired characters, designs, all manner of content - while invigorating all those around him. Eric is a foundational component to a creative organization, providing excellent leadership and many intangibles in creating real product value and great user affinity.

Collaborators & new friends, welcome!