Eric Hedman

Subject: Indie Adventure Space Opera Game

Project: Aether HeXXen RenPy for PC Android iOS

Eric Hedman


“Corgi Chef’s of the World” 2024 Large Format Calendar, with a story centered around Comradeship, Excellence and Continuity.

Three Generations of Corgi Chef Stories unfolding over the next 5 years.

Eric Hedman


heem: friends and music

Picture Book Celebrating music, family, and diversity.

Writing the events and the

stories of these lives in situations

mundane and fantastic make them

come alive.

Making things matter to people is good.

To me there is no higher calling

than being in service to

purposeful creativity.

< The Jeweled Cloud

A Short Digital Novel in the Alt-History Scif-Fi Genre.

Eric Hedman


Prepare The Future Graphics

RearProjection 3D animated tiki face

Prepare the Future California

Golden Tiki - Las Vegas Chinatown

"Working with the interfaith communities to increase high school completion through increasing attendance and reducing 'push-outs' throughout the state"

"Built a talking singing 3D graphics head and wrote and recorded dialog and music that was rear projected into this follow at the top of the Bar for it’s opening year."

Movie Blitz


"Movie Trivia Game that provided the internal Design and continuity factors for, as well designing and testing out the best Mascot for the Demographic."

Eric Hedman


I do design with FUNction in mind, for game, entertainment, marketing, & product.

I do design with FUNction in mind, for game, entertainment, marketing, & product.

I do design with FUNction in mind, for game, entertainment, marketing, & product.

A Sampling of Projects and Expansive PolyMathic Skillsets

Eric Hedman


Project: Affinity MMO

Concept: Adult First 3D persistent Avatar World

Project: Ro.ME

Concept: Web GL interactive Music Video

Animal Locomotion for Bird and Beast Flood

Project: Ego.WithME

Concept: Unisex Base Blendshape Facial Customization with PIXAR level animation deformations driven by bones. Testable 1:1 Pipeline from Maya through Anim Exporter and into Godot Engine.

Project: Doppel

Concept: ARKit Clone of Animoji. irk reverse-engineered despite cryptic black box. 3D Modelling, Tech Art, Etc.


Eric Hedman




2022 - present, Aether HeXXen

Corgi Chefs of the World

Senior Prototyping Artist-Designer

2015 - 2022, imvu

Animator - Art and Animation Director

1997 - 2003, Maxis - The Sims

VR art and Design Lead

2014 - 2016, Pantomime

Creative Director

2022, Stealth VR-MMO Start Up

Los Angeles Soujourn 2004-2011

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Assistant Animator : Meet The Robinsons


Char Animator - Anim Sup : Tak &TPOJ

The Jim Henson Company

Animator- MoCapCleanArtist: Sid TSK


Char Anim - Prevacid Summertime

Char Anim - Ro.ME WebGL Music Video


Char Anim- Kinect STARWARS

The Sims

The Sims Livin Large

The Sims House Party

The Sims Hot Date

The Sims Vacation

The Sims Unleashed

The Sims Superstar


Sid The Science Kid

Tak & the Power of Juju

Meet The Robinsons

Toontown Online


Second Life


AiAS Game of the Year

The Sims

AiAS Simulation Game of the Year

The Sims Unleashed

AiAS Simulation Game of the Year

The Sims Superstar

Max and Bear:TV - Oz Kids Film Fest: Official Selection

Max and Bear:TV - San Diego Kids Film Fest: Featured Selection


Eric Hedman


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